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Let There Be Light

I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to build the lightbox.  I had to find out, once and for all, if I was going to be able to take pictures that I felt were of adequate quality for this endeavor.  It was either that or start looking for a professional photographer.

I could have bought a light-box.  They’re available everywhere, especially now that we have a global marketplace via the internet.  I couldn’t do it.  I’d seen several tutorials online that described the process for making a lightbox in detail and it certainly didn’t appear to be rocket-science.  One of the best tutorials I saw was here:  Great Lightbox Tutorial .

I changed the process a bit to suit the materials I had on hand and will post a tutorial of my own a little later on.  This is what I built though:

The whole point to a light-box is that you can place the light-source outside one of the sheer panels and get adequate lighting without glare and back-flash.

I took a few photos to see how it worked.

I got this mega-cool jewelry hanger at Sue’s Clothesline this afternoon.  I think it’s such a fun concept.  There’s a whole bunch of them there, all in different outfits….I may have to go get more!!

There’s detail and no glare.  What a huge difference.  I also discovered the timer on my camera.  No more jiggly-fuzz.

Bottom line:  the right tools make everything so much easier.  Not bad for a cardboard box and a shower curtain, huh?