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Introducing Firefly

When I made the decision to focus on my own jewelry I also made the decision to let the Cara Luna name go dormant for now.  I needed a name that encompasses the new direction my jewelry designs are taking.

The new name  is a hint.  I’m not quite ready to reveal the new line as I’m still doing some research and trying to budget for the new tools I need.  Suffice it to say that it involves melting something.  Glass to be exact. Oboy, oboy, oboy!!

I’ve started the website that will feature the new line.  It can be seen HERE.  It’s just the flash intro and the “Coming Soon” page, but it’s PRETTY.  Yellows and oranges are my thing these days;  I think it’s tied to my fire obsession.  This page will ultimately link to my Etsy store and should be up and running as soon as I have enough product to post.  So check it out and tell me what you think.

While you’re at it, leave me a note here in the comments if there’s something specific you’d like to see in the new line.  I want the line to reflect the tastes of those close to me.  I’m not terribly interested in designing for anonymous people whose tastes may or may not even resemble my own.  Let me know what you like.  Who knows, you might see it here soon!

In the meantime, dream of Fireflies.  They’re magical, mystical, and miraculous.

Z is for Zebra

Zebra seems to be popping into my life a lot lately.  Not ZebraS….Zebra designs.  I have a friend *cough*Brandy*cough* who has a thing for Zebra designs and since I’ve been spending time with her it seems that Zebra-style is everywhere I look.

I first noticed it before Christmas.  I had to come up with decorations for my table at the craft fair.  I ended up with this:

I needed black and white so Zebra ribbon was a perfect fit.  Guess where that ribbon is now?

I bought fancy pencils this week for my music students.  There were Zebra pencils in the bag.  I held them up in front of you-know-who and they disappeared faster than ….well, considering the only witticism I can come up with here involves goose and some grossness, let’s just say it was FAST.  There’s no picture of them, well, because they’re gone.

Which brings me to this.  I’ve had this piece for quite a while.  I pulled it out this week and got looking at it again.

I swear….I’m seeing Zebraness everywhere.

It’s on this weekend’s to-do list.  Know anyone you think might like it?

Clickity Click

I did it. I splurged.  I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA!!

I’m beside myself I’m so excited.  Now I cannot promise that I will miraculously be able to take stunning photographs overnight, but I do promise to work on my photography.  I know next to nothing about photography and, to be quite honest, up until now I wasn’t really interested in learning.  I know people who are very talented photographers but when they start talking f-stop and aperture my eyes glaze over and my brain shuts down.

It’s not that I’m not interested but rather that it seems HARD to understand.  I’m not good with things I don’t understand quickly or don’t feel I have an instant aptitude for.  If it feels like work, I’m just not that interested.  It’s a mental laziness I recognize in myself, and I’m not proud of it.

In buying a new camera I’m hoping that it will force me to figure some of this stuff out.  Perhaps it will prod me to figure out the Greek gibberish that is white balance and ISO so that I’ll be able to do better.

This is a photo taken with the new camera.  It’s pretty much auto-everything except for the Macro setting.  It’s much clearer than photos I’ve done in the past.

THIS makes me happy.  This is so clear you can see the glitter encased in the glass.  It’s so clear you want to reach out and touch it….or drool on it.  This is a necklace that I received as a Christmas gift and I’m totally enthralled with it.  I can’t stop touching it.  It’s smooth and silky and has this warm weight to it that makes it a pleasure to wear.  I’m so glad the photo does it justice.

So now I’ve just got to memorize the owner’s manual and take pictures….tons and tons of pictures.  There’s no better way to learn, and learn I must.  I’m no longer able to be a whiner and complain I don’t have the right equipment.   Hmmm…..not sure if I like that.  *grin*

Damn the Torpedoes!

Onwards and Upwards!!  You can’t keep a good woman down!!  Tally-ho, Pip Pip and all that rot.

Along with those torpedoes, damn the guilt, the laundry, the housework, and the hundred other things that can keep us from doing what we really want to do.  Well, ok….except for the laundry.  I can do laundry and still do other stuff at the same time.  Gotta pretend to get SOMETHING sort-of domestic happening in order to maintain my delusion that yes, I can do it all.  Suddenly that bad commercial from the 70’s with a woman in a red dress singing something about bringing home the bacon just flashed before my eyes.  Every so often I forget how horribly tacky the 70’s were and then I have a nostalgia flashback.  But I digress……

These are the stones for the next batch of jewelry.  Spiffy, huh?  That is a massive Rose Quartz and it’s got tons of rose colour.  Sometimes they can be pale, but not this baby….she’s plenty rosie.  The two Labradorites may end up in one piece or in two.  I haven’t decided yet but it’s sure to be quite lovely as Labradorite has that gorgeous glow to it.  As for the Tiger’s Eye, it may not make it to the shelf.  It’s a really unique stone;  those dark bands you see are actually what appear to be Hematite…..deeply glossy and shiny Hematite.  I’m not sure I will be able to let go of it.

These are pieces of Dichroic Glass that I’ve had forever.  I’m still not 100% sure what direction I’m going to take these, but it’s sure to be a wild ride.  I love the contrast between these pieces and natural cabochons.  Someday I’m going to make my own glass cabs. Glass is, after all, just one more thing I can melt, right?

Now I’m going to ask you all for some feedback.  These are another round of big and chunky pieces.  Which do you prefer….*Big and Chunky* or *Pretty and Delicate*?  I’m going to let you decide what will come next after these are done.  Leave me a comment and let me know what direction YOU think I should take.  These creative journeys are always more fun when I have some company.  🙂

So here we go…another jewelry blitz.  Damn the Torpedoes!!  Full Steam Ahead!!!