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Ms. Messy Comes Home

10 Months.

I can hardly believe it’s been that long since I blogged here.  When I popped in to harvest some photos from this blog and got looking back at the postings, I realized that I miss Just Make a Mess.  I miss it a lot.

So I’m back.

I’m afraid I got terribly sidetracked.  I looked at the post about how I over-analyze and second-guess myself at times, and that’s certainly the case with this blog.  I thought maybe I should do a different blog.  Different name, different focus, different format. I created a blog for my art studio and there it sits…sad, lonely and pretty much empty.  I tried another focus with a Homesteading theme.  It’s ok but nothing special.  Here are some of the other things that were a result of this wandering journey:

I started teaching art classes…

My band played some gigs….

I even planted a garden…

Oh…and I’ve lost 93 pounds.  Yay me!

So I dabbled with other sites and flirted with different formats, but I have come to realize that I need to just stay here.  I like it here.  It’s home.

And there’s no place like home.

An Apple a Day

Now that I’m back I need to just update a couple of things.  For those of you who were following along on my weight-loss, here’s the skinny.

When our Weight Watchers group was abruptly closed by the company when our leader, who was fabulous, became ill,  I realized the only one I could truly count on in my efforts to lose weight was myself.  My husband is incredibly supportive, but at the end of the day, it was up to me.  As it should be.  But I was scared.

Even the little bit of success I’d had with WW felt like a major achievement and the thing I feared most was putting the weight back on, as I’d done after losing 50 pounds on Nutri-system.  I was NOT going to let that happen.

Over the summer, while I kept my WW online membership, I did not track.  I did, however, try to continue the healthier eating habits we’d established.  I was determined to listen much more closely to my body and give it what it was really needing rather than what I thought it might want.  And I gave up Diet Coke almost completely, switching to water instead.  I now drink approximately 3 to 4 liters of water a day.  I eat salad….and chicken…..and fresh-baked artisan bread.  I eat potatoes and pasta and rice.  I even sometimes eat cake.  All in moderation, of course.  And my body is happy.

The last time I blogged about my weight-loss was April 12th.  I’d lost 12.8 lbs.

This morning I weighed in.  Total loss as of this date:  25.6 lbs.  Yay me.


While many of my friends would consider me unhinged…or perhaps unglued… today, I’m simply “unstuck”.

When I took the blog dark earlier in the year, I really thought I was just taking a short break.  A week, maybe 2 or 3.  I thought I was just a little stuck, a little overwhelmed, a little blocked.  In reality, I was hip-deep in quicksand with nary a jungle-vine in sight.  Indiana Jones had nothing on me.

I subscribe to a blog called “Write in Color” by Melody Godfred. She always has something interesting to say that’s pertinent to any creative person, whether they be a writer, a visual artist, or a musician.  I know, because I am all three of those things. (Note:  I am just now, at age 48, becoming comfortable with applying those labels to myself.)

Today, however, her blog hit me right between the eyes.  I felt like she was writing specifically for ME.  The entry was titled “Do You Suffer From Analysis Paralysis?”.  Why yes….yes I do.

Today that ends.  The blog is back, boys and girls…..and I have a plan.  A plan that will be just one more way I can stay motivated and productive, and you are welcome to come along on the ride.  Yay me.  And yay Melody Godfred!

Click the link and check her out.  You’ll be seriously glad you did.

Stupid Hormones

I didn’t post last night because I was really, really mad.  I was up 1.8 lbs.  Grrrrrrrr……

Now, to be clear.  I was under on my points all week.  Yes, we had a crazy weekend, but I was under the 49 points all week except for one day when I was at 51.  But still under the 58 I’m SUPPOSED to be eating according to the plan.

Thank god for my group though.  I do a lot of things online, but nothing online can compare to having a group of fabulous women supporting you in person.  They were upset for me too.  They started looking for reasons why this might be happening.  They groaned too when they heard that my husband eats EXACTLY what I do and yet has lost 20 pounds to my 6.  And then they asked if I was in menopause.  Apparently I am.  Things happen without warning.  I can go months happily thinking I’m done with the inconveniences associated with being female and then *WHAMMO*……my body decides to throw me a curve.  Which it did this morning.

Yup….I’m still female.  It does however take the sting out of that 1.8 lb gain.  And so the saga continues and I soldier on.   All is not lost….yet.  Get it??  All is not LOST!!   *donkey laugh*   I kill me.

And the Hubby of the Year Is…..

Mine.  Hands down.  At least to me.

I am incredibly blessed to have the single most patient, understanding, and supportive husband in the whole world.  He’s always there for me, supporting without pushing, encouraging without making a big deal out of everything, and just generally being ok with who I am, no matter what.

That makes this whole Weight Watchers journey soooo much easier.  He happily eats whatever I serve.  He always has, but he never complains that there’s something missing.  He doesn’t bemoan the lack of gravy, doesn’t whine about the low-fat cheese, doesn’t ever say “let’s just cheat and go to DQ”.  He does have some pounds he wants to drop, but he could easily make me feel like this process is somehow depriving him.  And he doesn’t.  EVER.

He also loves my Smashed Cauliflower.  Now he’s a real meat-and-potatoes type of guy.  He loves steak and prime rib and thinks Emeril’s right and “Pork Fat Rules”.  He’ll eat potatoes baked, mashed, scalloped, au gratin, steamed, grilled, roasted and fried.  He’ll eat instant potatoes with that Kraft Cheese powder that’s a shade of orange just short of radioactive.  And yet, Smashed Cauliflower has risen to the top of his Potato-list, even though he knows there’s not a single iota of potato in it.

Smashed Cauliflower, adapted from the South Beach Diet:

Try this in place of mashed potatoes.  Heck, try it in place of any kind of potatoes.  It’s positively yummy.  Just ask my hubby…..he loves this stuff.  He’s also lost 16 pounds.  Yay Rick!!!

Weekly loss:  0.8 lbs   Total loss:  8.4 lbs     Yay me too!