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Clickity Click

I did it. I splurged.  I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA!!

I’m beside myself I’m so excited.  Now I cannot promise that I will miraculously be able to take stunning photographs overnight, but I do promise to work on my photography.  I know next to nothing about photography and, to be quite honest, up until now I wasn’t really interested in learning.  I know people who are very talented photographers but when they start talking f-stop and aperture my eyes glaze over and my brain shuts down.

It’s not that I’m not interested but rather that it seems HARD to understand.  I’m not good with things I don’t understand quickly or don’t feel I have an instant aptitude for.  If it feels like work, I’m just not that interested.  It’s a mental laziness I recognize in myself, and I’m not proud of it.

In buying a new camera I’m hoping that it will force me to figure some of this stuff out.  Perhaps it will prod me to figure out the Greek gibberish that is white balance and ISO so that I’ll be able to do better.

This is a photo taken with the new camera.  It’s pretty much auto-everything except for the Macro setting.  It’s much clearer than photos I’ve done in the past.

THIS makes me happy.  This is so clear you can see the glitter encased in the glass.  It’s so clear you want to reach out and touch it….or drool on it.  This is a necklace that I received as a Christmas gift and I’m totally enthralled with it.  I can’t stop touching it.  It’s smooth and silky and has this warm weight to it that makes it a pleasure to wear.  I’m so glad the photo does it justice.

So now I’ve just got to memorize the owner’s manual and take pictures….tons and tons of pictures.  There’s no better way to learn, and learn I must.  I’m no longer able to be a whiner and complain I don’t have the right equipment.   Hmmm…..not sure if I like that.  *grin*

Mad About Plaid

Being of Scottish heritage means one thing in my family.  We’re Scots.  Spirit of the West’s lyrics “There’s none more Scots than the Scots abroad” ring strong and true for those of us who are scions of the Auld Sod.  But make no mistake, we’re Scots….not Scotsmen (I’m a lass, don ye ken?), not Scotch (though we may tipple a wee bit), and most certainly not Scotchmen.  Lass, remember?

That being said, plaid is kind of like Magnetic North or Brad Pitt.  We’re attracted to it.  It whispers to us in the night “Come hither into yon heather and wrap yourself in tartan”.   It doesn’t really matter if it’s OUR plaid or not.  It’s worn to marry and to bury, in love and in loss.  It’s about clan and kin and the ties that bind.

Some dear soul went to a ton of trouble to make this glorious little bit of plaid.  Working with dichroic glass is something I hope to do in the near future, but I’m positive that it will be a long while before I’m anywhere near proficient enough to produce something like this.  The next pic is taken with a flash just to show you the shimmer this glass produces.

It really is quite lovely, and quite large.  The whole piece measures 7.5 cm x 6 cm and has a sparkly cz at the top for just a bit more glitter and glam.  My heart will not break if it doesn’t sell….just don’t tell my hubby.

I’m off now to explain to the Swedish side of the family what the “big deal about being a Scot is anyway”.  Again.  It never gets old and it’s ALWAYS fun.  Usually involves intricate descriptions of various recipes for haggis and the waving of a Scotch bottle. Sláinte!

I’m late, I’m late…

NO, not that way!!  OMG.  Perish the thought.

I meant to post this yesterday but I got so caught up in the building of it that I barely remembered to take pictures of the process, let alone edit and post them.  I think perhaps it is a good sign though, that maybe I’ve got my groove on again.

So.  It all started with an oopsie.  Several years ago I was practicing soldering large bezels onto sheet.  It can be a little tricksy. (Yes, I know that’s spelled wrong….blame Gollum.)  You have thin little bezel strip made of fine silver, which is extremely melty, and you’re trying to solder it onto a big hunk of sterling silver that takes forever to heat up enough for the solder to flow.  Long story short, I was so excited to get the bezel on the sheet properly I gleefully popped the stone in and set it.  Without.  Adding.  A bail. (Hangs head in shame.)

The reason this is a problem is that in order to solder anything else onto the piece, I really should remove the stone.  If I heat the piece with the stone in it, it will scorch.  It will kill it.  So this piece has been all by itself in a lonely little box on my desk since I built it feeling sad that it’s basically useless as-is.

So I needed a piece that I could add this to by simply drilling a hole and threading a jump-ring through it.  I couldn’t just do that and then sell it as-is…perish the thought!

You all know I’m into swirly things right now.  I generally don’t go for heart-designs, perhaps because I’m too jaded and cynical, but I had a weak moment and thought “I should do something with a heart design”.  I then checked for other symptoms of an aneurysm or perhaps possession, and finding this was a stand-alone symptom, I decided I was probably just having a weak moment and was feeling kind of heartish.  I suppose stranger things have happened.

So there’s the rough design.  I seldom do perfect sketches of what I want as I’d rather get to the building.  It’s sort of the shape I’m after and we’ll see how it morphs as we go along.

I pulled this photo in nice and close so you can see how the wire is bent to the design.  It’s not unusual for designs to change a little at this point as working with 3-dimensional wire is a little different than just tossing down a 2-dimensional drawing.  It’s springy, when you cross pieces there’s depth and joining issues.  It sometimes just looks very different than what you thought it would.  Scale is different too.  We perceive drawings differently with regard to scale than we do 3-dimensional objects.  At least I do.  I’ve placed a quarter in the picture so you can get a better idea of the size.

The round bezel at the top is for another Rose Quartz.  As you can see, the design has again morphed to include a center-swirl on the bottom.  It’s all nicely soldered into place, with little silver balls in the centers of the swirls for some added depth and interest.  The problem now is this.  It’s much bigger than I thought it was going to be and I can’t decide if I still want to put the original Oopsie that was the impetus for all this onto the bottom at all now.

Sigh.  I think I’m gonna do a Scarlett and just “Think about it tomorrah”.

Let There Be Light

I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to build the lightbox.  I had to find out, once and for all, if I was going to be able to take pictures that I felt were of adequate quality for this endeavor.  It was either that or start looking for a professional photographer.

I could have bought a light-box.  They’re available everywhere, especially now that we have a global marketplace via the internet.  I couldn’t do it.  I’d seen several tutorials online that described the process for making a lightbox in detail and it certainly didn’t appear to be rocket-science.  One of the best tutorials I saw was here:  Great Lightbox Tutorial .

I changed the process a bit to suit the materials I had on hand and will post a tutorial of my own a little later on.  This is what I built though:

The whole point to a light-box is that you can place the light-source outside one of the sheer panels and get adequate lighting without glare and back-flash.

I took a few photos to see how it worked.

I got this mega-cool jewelry hanger at Sue’s Clothesline this afternoon.  I think it’s such a fun concept.  There’s a whole bunch of them there, all in different outfits….I may have to go get more!!

There’s detail and no glare.  What a huge difference.  I also discovered the timer on my camera.  No more jiggly-fuzz.

Bottom line:  the right tools make everything so much easier.  Not bad for a cardboard box and a shower curtain, huh?