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Introducing Firefly

When I made the decision to focus on my own jewelry I also made the decision to let the Cara Luna name go dormant for now.  I needed a name that encompasses the new direction my jewelry designs are taking.

The new name  is a hint.  I’m not quite ready to reveal the new line as I’m still doing some research and trying to budget for the new tools I need.  Suffice it to say that it involves melting something.  Glass to be exact. Oboy, oboy, oboy!!

I’ve started the website that will feature the new line.  It can be seen HERE.  It’s just the flash intro and the “Coming Soon” page, but it’s PRETTY.  Yellows and oranges are my thing these days;  I think it’s tied to my fire obsession.  This page will ultimately link to my Etsy store and should be up and running as soon as I have enough product to post.  So check it out and tell me what you think.

While you’re at it, leave me a note here in the comments if there’s something specific you’d like to see in the new line.  I want the line to reflect the tastes of those close to me.  I’m not terribly interested in designing for anonymous people whose tastes may or may not even resemble my own.  Let me know what you like.  Who knows, you might see it here soon!

In the meantime, dream of Fireflies.  They’re magical, mystical, and miraculous.


Ever feel like the fog has finally lifted from your brain?  That’s me right now.

For the last 2 years I’ve had my jewelry in a local business on consignment.  When I started putting things there, there were the remnants of my old stock from my storefront that consisted of a lot of imported jewelry.  It was affordable and sold well, but it wasn’t a lot of my own designs.  Things have changed markedly since then.  I don’t want to sell a lot of imported stuff.  You can buy jewelry from Nepal and Mexico everywhere and unless you know a lot about your supplier, you’re likely buying jewelry made at virtual slave wages in abysmal working conditions.  I was lucky enough to have great suppliers but I want to sell my own jewelry now.  I no longer NEED to keep large amounts of stock to fill store-shelves, so I can concentrate my energy and finances on building my own line.

It was a really tough decision to let the storefront deal go but it was a necessary one.  They offered me a place to sell when I really had no clue what to do about storefront space and I am very grateful for that, but I want to access the global marketplace.  I do a lot of shopping online for items I cannot purchase locally so I am well aware of the power of the internet.  I’m  a Facebooker and if you’re reading this you already know I’m a blogger.  In order to sell online I need constant access to my stock.  It would be a bad, bad thing to have an online customer purchase something and then to discover it had just sold at the storefront.  It’s a simple case of “either-or” and the decision had to be made.

So I’ve done a ton of research and have made the leap.  I’m setting up an Etsy store, have signed up for PayPal, have registered my domain name and now I’m telling YOU.   As we work far less in the summer at our music studio, we’re also going to look at selling at Fairs and Farmer’s Markets.

I’m so excited I almost can’t stand myself.  I feel inspired again.  Maybe it’s because it’s spring.  Maybe it’s because I know you guys are going to support and encourage me as you always do and I love you SO MUCH for that.  Maybe it’s the sense of anticipation.  You know….the kind where you’re on the high rocks at the river….you’re looking over the edge….you’re thinking the water looks sooooo cool and inviting…..

………you’re thinking “OMG that’s a long way down”………..

……………………….”I don’t think I can do this”………………..

…..”but I really WANT to do this”…………………………

………………………………………………………………… you take a reeeeeally deep

breath, close your eyes……..and





Going Dark

The blog’s been quiet for a few days.  That’s because I’m struggling to make some major decisions about which direction to take my business.

Running a storefront is a pain in the neck.  Because we already work evenings it makes for really, really long days.  There’s also the very real question of whether a  storefront will fly in a really small community like the one I live in, where big-box stores are only an hour or so away.  Add to that the lure of cross-border shopping and you have a really dicey situation in terms of retail.

So, for the next little bit, the blog is going dark.  Well, more like unreliably intermittent.  I’ll post things as I do them but I plan on spending a lot of time researching different forms of marketing and how to access a more global clientele.   I shouldn’t be gone long, maybe a week or two at the most, and I’ll fill you in on which way the wind is blowing as soon as I’ve made the tough decisions.  Back in a bit….take care of yourselves.

Clickity Click

I did it. I splurged.  I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA!!

I’m beside myself I’m so excited.  Now I cannot promise that I will miraculously be able to take stunning photographs overnight, but I do promise to work on my photography.  I know next to nothing about photography and, to be quite honest, up until now I wasn’t really interested in learning.  I know people who are very talented photographers but when they start talking f-stop and aperture my eyes glaze over and my brain shuts down.

It’s not that I’m not interested but rather that it seems HARD to understand.  I’m not good with things I don’t understand quickly or don’t feel I have an instant aptitude for.  If it feels like work, I’m just not that interested.  It’s a mental laziness I recognize in myself, and I’m not proud of it.

In buying a new camera I’m hoping that it will force me to figure some of this stuff out.  Perhaps it will prod me to figure out the Greek gibberish that is white balance and ISO so that I’ll be able to do better.

This is a photo taken with the new camera.  It’s pretty much auto-everything except for the Macro setting.  It’s much clearer than photos I’ve done in the past.

THIS makes me happy.  This is so clear you can see the glitter encased in the glass.  It’s so clear you want to reach out and touch it….or drool on it.  This is a necklace that I received as a Christmas gift and I’m totally enthralled with it.  I can’t stop touching it.  It’s smooth and silky and has this warm weight to it that makes it a pleasure to wear.  I’m so glad the photo does it justice.

So now I’ve just got to memorize the owner’s manual and take pictures….tons and tons of pictures.  There’s no better way to learn, and learn I must.  I’m no longer able to be a whiner and complain I don’t have the right equipment.   Hmmm…..not sure if I like that.  *grin*

Life is a Cabaret…

I’m going to rant a bit now.  Fair warning.

I love living in the community I live in.  It has such great things about it, especially such great people.  It’s fairly good at supporting artists and there is a wonderful group of artists and artisans that live here.  They’re very supportive of each other and produce some amazing work.  There’s also a thriving musical community here, as well as an excellent theater group.  There’s a hockey team and large junior-hockey association.  That part is all good.

Here’s the rub, though.  This community, for whatever reason, is reluctant to attend things.  Now before everyone starts sending me hate-mail, listen for a bit.

Over the last 20 years I have been very involved in both the theater group and the musical community.  More recently I’ve become involved in the artist and artisan community.  I’ve gone to a lot of events.  I’ve organized a lot of events.  In general…and yes, I know there are exceptions…..most entertainment events in this town are drastically under-attended.  And I’m at a loss to explain why.

We had a summer music festival.  It’s gone now, as far as I know.  I’ll be stunned if it isn’t.  Organizers can only put on events for so long without breaking even before they stop spending their own money on them.

The local theater group is packed with talented actors, directors, costumers, set-builders and writers.  The quality of their productions is very high for a community theater and yet they struggle to fill the seats unless they put on musicals involving large casts and tons of kids to ensure a built-in audience of family members.

I was talking to one of the hockey organizers at New Year’s and she said that when they go to other communities there’s at least 1000 people in the seats.  They don’t come even close to that many attendees here.

It’s not that there isn’t advance promotion for these events.  There is…lots of it.  It’s not that the costs are too high…ticket prices remain modest.  It’s certainly not that audiences don’t get value for their hard-earned dollars.  They get lots of bang for their buck.

One of the groups here that is trying valiantly to keep live entertainment happening is the Sasquatch Arts and Music Society.  They have taken on the management of the Snoring Sasquatch and are doing their best to keep the venue alive for our community.  They are a volunteer, non-profit society that is over-worked, under-funded, and stretched to their limit, but still they soldier on.

So for those of you who read this and live in our community, consider coming out on January 29 to their Cabaret fund-raiser.  It’s $15, a licensed event with a cash bar, and if past shows are any indicator it’s bound to be an evening of fun, high-quality entertainment.  There’s even going to be yummy appetizers to munch on.

So be a part of the change.  I’m going to keep writing about this periodically in the hopes that each one of us can find our way back to going out to watch quality entertainment that is produced locally.  After all, TV is over-rated and we can all stand to go out a bit more.  Aren’t our computer-butts big enough as it is?  I know mine is.