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While many of my friends would consider me unhinged…or perhaps unglued… today, I’m simply “unstuck”.

When I took the blog dark earlier in the year, I really thought I was just taking a short break.  A week, maybe 2 or 3.  I thought I was just a little stuck, a little overwhelmed, a little blocked.  In reality, I was hip-deep in quicksand with nary a jungle-vine in sight.  Indiana Jones had nothing on me.

I subscribe to a blog called “Write in Color” by Melody Godfred. She always has something interesting to say that’s pertinent to any creative person, whether they be a writer, a visual artist, or a musician.  I know, because I am all three of those things. (Note:  I am just now, at age 48, becoming comfortable with applying those labels to myself.)

Today, however, her blog hit me right between the eyes.  I felt like she was writing specifically for ME.  The entry was titled “Do You Suffer From Analysis Paralysis?”.  Why yes….yes I do.

Today that ends.  The blog is back, boys and girls…..and I have a plan.  A plan that will be just one more way I can stay motivated and productive, and you are welcome to come along on the ride.  Yay me.  And yay Melody Godfred!

Click the link and check her out.  You’ll be seriously glad you did.