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I have 2 brothers.  If any of you have brothers, you know that means that you know how to shoot a BB gun, were chased at least once with a snake, and played more baseball than Barbies when you were a kid.  It also likely means you always longed for a sister.

I had great cousins that were like sisters that helped filled the void a girl feels when she has nothing but brothers.  But there’s something special about that word “sister”.  It has a depth of meaning all its own.  When I married my husband, I acquired 2 more brothers.  Brothers-in-law, but brothers nonetheless.  But I also gained a Sister-in law.  The key word there is SISTER.

From the first moment I met her, I felt welcome.  I felt a camaraderie with her I’d only ever heard about, never experienced.  I felt accepted and loved.  I love visiting with her, talking with her, shopping with her.  Definitely love shopping with her.   For the men out there, finding someone who shops the same way you do is a huge thing.  It’s like….well….finding someone who golfs or fishes the way you do.  While I’m joking a little, there is a like-mindedness I share with my sister.  I say sister, because that’s what she’s become and it’s another of the things I’m grateful for.

Before Christmas, she messaged me saying she wanted this pendant.  She loved it, she wanted it.  I know I was meant to conspire with her husband to see to it that she got it for Christmas, but I just couldn’t do it.

He did the right thing.  He came to me and told me he wanted to buy it.  I told him he couldn’t.  I had deliberately put it in the store because I had other plans.  I knew now what style she liked but I felt it needed to be a bit bigger, a bit heavier, and a bit more…..sapphire.

I had this lovely sapphire in my stash of not-for-sale goodies.  I love how the dark blue shows up so nicely against the white of the argentium silver.  This picture just does not do it justice, just as my words cannot to justice to Sharron.  I love you Sis.