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Aweigh We Go

So many of you have messaged me or commented with your support over me joining Weight Watchers, I’ve decided to make Tuesday’s blogs Weight Watcher updates.  After all, WW is all about accountability and support and by blogging about my journey I feel like I’m expanding my accountability and support circle.

Those who know me know that I’ve been overweight my entire life.  I’ve never been skinny.  Ever.  At age 47 I’ve lived much of my life as an obese person, give or take a few weight-loss periods.  The thing I most want to get out to people though is that there is this myth around obese people.  There’s all kinds of shows on TV and stories about morbidly obese people.  My problem with these shows is that I believe that they misrepresent the reality of the majority of obese people.  These shows like “I Eat 30,000 Calories A Day” (yes that’s thirty THOUSAND), or pretty much anything on a lifestyle channel that is about obese people says usually 2 things:  the first is that all obese people binge eat huge quantities of food like buckets of chicken or gallons of ice-cream and the second is that the only way to lose large amounts of weight is through either mutilating surgeries or uber-strict diets with punishing exercise.  Grrrrrrrrrr……

Now I’m not about to claim I have never over-eaten to where I’m uncomfortable.  Who hasn’t?  I do not, however do it on any more of a regular basis than most anyone else.  My weight is, plain and simple, a result of 47 years of eating probably between 100 and 1000 calories a day more than have burned.  It’s a slowly-cumulative thing rather than a result of massive binges.  The other thing I believe is that even large amounts of weight can be lost through healthy eating and moderate exercise.

I did Nutri-System with my husband a couple of years ago.  The food was ok and we both lost weight but by the time I was done with it I was DONE.  Even now I can smell Nutri-system food from a mile away.  The success we had cost us $300 EACH a month PLUS having to buy fruit, veggies, and dairy.  And yes…we gained it all back…plus some.

I chose WW because my girlfriend had joined and because my sister-in-law and niece had great success with it.   With the new program, all fruit and most vegetables are ZERO points.  Yup.  Zero.  No down-side there.

So I joined.  I think I scandalized the entire room when my response to “Hi, how are you?” was “Fat.”  Things got very quiet very quickly.  I felt kind of bad but at the same time I was thinking “What??  FAT’s a dirty word HERE??  Isn’t that why we’re here, because we all think we’re fat????”  But that’s the thing, isn’t it?  It’s like we’re supposed to be embarrassed, like we don’t know we’re fat.  It’s also like it’s ok for the entire world to look down on us, make fun of us, and make assumptions about us.  Parents who would smack their kid for telling someone they’re stupid teach them it’s ok to be mean to the fat kid.  It makes me nuts.  Fat jokes, comments about my weight, nasty looks or jibes have never bugged me on a personal level.  They just haven’t.  I’m very much in the minority though and have watched friends and family be hurt by this mentality my entire life.  I’ve watched friends not go swimming or to the beach because they won’t uncover any more of their bodies than they absolutely must.

The reality is that my weight has never kept me from doing something I really wanted to do.  Perhaps if it had, I would have worked harder at losing it.  I feel the need to lose it now because I’m getting old.  My weight is starting to slow me down.  It’s starting to keep me from doing things I really want to do.  It’s time.  It’s got to go.  And it’s going, starting this week.

Tonight’s weigh-in:  down 4.2 pounds.  So the journey begins….c’mon along and watch the fat lady shrink.  And when it’s over, I’ll sing…..promise.