Going Dark

The blog’s been quiet for a few days.  That’s because I’m struggling to make some major decisions about which direction to take my business.

Running a storefront is a pain in the neck.  Because we already work evenings it makes for really, really long days.  There’s also the very real question of whether a  storefront will fly in a really small community like the one I live in, where big-box stores are only an hour or so away.  Add to that the lure of cross-border shopping and you have a really dicey situation in terms of retail.

So, for the next little bit, the blog is going dark.  Well, more like unreliably intermittent.  I’ll post things as I do them but I plan on spending a lot of time researching different forms of marketing and how to access a more global clientele.   I shouldn’t be gone long, maybe a week or two at the most, and I’ll fill you in on which way the wind is blowing as soon as I’ve made the tough decisions.  Back in a bit….take care of yourselves.

4 responses to “Going Dark

  1. Since this is the only contact I have with you these days, I’ll miss you. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with your decision making 🙂

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