Stupid Hormones

I didn’t post last night because I was really, really mad.  I was up 1.8 lbs.  Grrrrrrrr……

Now, to be clear.  I was under on my points all week.  Yes, we had a crazy weekend, but I was under the 49 points all week except for one day when I was at 51.  But still under the 58 I’m SUPPOSED to be eating according to the plan.

Thank god for my group though.  I do a lot of things online, but nothing online can compare to having a group of fabulous women supporting you in person.  They were upset for me too.  They started looking for reasons why this might be happening.  They groaned too when they heard that my husband eats EXACTLY what I do and yet has lost 20 pounds to my 6.  And then they asked if I was in menopause.  Apparently I am.  Things happen without warning.  I can go months happily thinking I’m done with the inconveniences associated with being female and then *WHAMMO*……my body decides to throw me a curve.  Which it did this morning.

Yup….I’m still female.  It does however take the sting out of that 1.8 lb gain.  And so the saga continues and I soldier on.   All is not lost….yet.  Get it??  All is not LOST!!   *donkey laugh*   I kill me.

One response to “Stupid Hormones

  1. You kill me too !!! You can do it my friend … sigh … time , stupid time !!

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