Doing anything artistic when I’m at our music studio while my hubby brings home the bacon remains challenging.  I’m finding ways to do little things though.

Of necessity, the supplies themselves work better if they’re small.  I found this watercolour paper pad of hot-pressed paper and knew the 6″ x 6″ size was perfect.

Then I found this adorable little set of watercolours, complete with a mini-brush.  Add to that a nifty little water bucket that stores away inside itself and I was all set.

Oh….one more thing.  This stuff.  I hate this stuff, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

Now, if you’re going to use any type of masking fluid to keep areas safe while you apply a wash, be sure to use an old or cheap brush.  Swish the brush first in water with a drop of soap in it and rinse it IMMEDIATELY afterwards.  This does not guarantee you won’t destroy the brush you used, but it’ll at least give it a fighting chance at surviving to be used another day.

After sketching my design in pencil I painted the masking fluid over the areas I did not want to get colour on when I painted my sky wash.  You MUST let the masking fluid dry completely before painting over it.  I then applied a wash of blue fading to yellow after first dampening the paper.  I then let it dry completely again and rubbed the masking fluid off with my fingers.  Sticky gunk.  Yuk.

Much as I hate it, it works.  The areas I need to paint into are still nice and white.  I then layered in my colour.  I wanted some quick texture on the bottom to help simulate earth and bushes so I sprinkled salt over the wet paint.

After letting it dry thoroughly again, I worked the salt off the paper gently with my fingers.  It really wants to stick on there so you just have to be careful but persistent.

See the speckly-ness?  That’s from the salt.  Now to just lay in the colour of the remaining parts.

All that’s left is the ink detailing.


So there you go.  A cute little project done with cute little supplies.


One response to “Chasm

  1. totally adorable…it inspires me to try an idea I have.

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