I love ’em.  Hummingbirds, that is.  There’s even a semi-tacky sticker of one on my computer.  Yes, really.  Sue me.

These little birds fascinate me.  When I worked at the Glass House as a tour guide they would sometimes end up in the house, having flown in through the open gift-shop window.  They’d be fluttering on the windows and I’d very gently cup my hands around them and take them back outside.  If you’ve ever looked at one of these beauties up close you’ll know that they positively glow.  Their tiny little feathers are pearlescent/iridescent and they look as soft as thistledown.  And they hover….they freaking HOVER!  How cool is that?

I want to do some hummingbird art.  Maybe pastels, maybe folk-art, maybe watercolour.  I’m not sure yet which medium so I did up some quick little hummer-sketches.

These were just to get a bit of a feel for form and line.  Of course, I’m likely to head in a direction that’s a little more whimsical…..

So stay tuned….colour coming soon.

Oh….and for those of you who clicked on this because the title meant something else to you….shame, shame on you.  *evil grin*

4 responses to “Hummers

  1. Ya know some of us might have been thinking of the vehicle!! 🙂 Or just not thinking much at all!

  2. On the news yesterday, I saw that there’s actually a hummingbird robot out there!

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