I’m going to rant now.  Fair warning.

So it’s Weigh-in day at Weight Watchers.  And I’m pissed off.  I measured and counted every single thing I consumed this week.  I was between 4 and 14 points UNDER my consumption requirements 4 days out of 7 and went over only on one day, was right on target the others.  I only used 8 of my weekly bonus points on the day I went over.   I drank my water and ate my veggies.  And I gained .2 of a pound.  AAArrrggghhhhh……

I know someone’s going to say I didn’t eat enough and put my body into starvation mode.  There is NO WAY I didn’t eat enough.  There is also no way I ate more than I was supposed to.  So.  What to do now.

I’m going to keep on going….hopefully next week will be better.  Maybe my body is adjusting…maybe it’s hormonal.  Who knows?  I’m going to completely cut aspartame out of my diet this week as well.  I’m still drinking a moderate amount of diet soda and I’m going to quit altogether and see if that helps.  There is research that appears to show a link between aspartame consumption and the inability to lose weight.  So I’m going to try that.

I’m also boycotting PepsiCo.  I’m so mad at them I just want to spit. THIS IS WHY. This company makes billions of dollars a year off of FAT people and they have the nerve to do this??  And I quote:

“Diet Pepsi will soon be available in a “taller, sassier new Skinny Can” that the company says is a “celebration of beautiful, confident women.”  I also love how at the end of the article they say that the old “fat” packaging will still be available for those who prefer it.

So I’m not going to buy anything made by a company that chooses to celebrate “beautiful, confident women” by manufacturing a “skinny” can.

/rant over


2 responses to “Grrrrr…..

  1. I have to say, and not that I’m sticking up for Pepsi, but I like their new can. Not because of their new “skinny is beautiful” moto… but because from a design stand point, it’s nice. But ya, I get what you’re saying and it’s just wrong. So, I promise I won’t buy any.

    As for the weight watchers thing. Don’t get discouraged. I have had many friends try weight watchers and it always seems about week three or four, they either maintain or gain… but this is short term. Your body is just adjusting. Maybe you’re retaining water this week. Who knows. It’s all good. You’re doing all the right things and you can’t NOT lose in the long run. Just keep on, keeping on. I mean, if you can cut out aspartame out of your diet, that in itself is a huge step ahead.

    You go girl!

    • Actually, I like the look of the new can too….it’s sleek and cool….my problem is the way they’re promoting it. The whole “you must be skinny to be confident and beautiful”. While I know that is many people’s idea of beauty, it’s just not the only point of view and I hate that it’s what is marketed to young women.

      And I’m hanging in there….quitting would be stupid. Thanks Brandy….you’re always so supportive and I just love you. You rock!

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