Beachy Beads

I’ll get to the beads in a second.  First things first though.  Remember the pastel coneflower picture?  Yeah?  Well….it’s dead.  I killed it.  The plan  I had for it did not work out so it got turfed.  I felt bad about it for all of 15 seconds, until I remember what my friend Michele, another phenomenally talented artist friend of mine said to me once.  She told me that her philosophy was “Quantity over Quality”.  What she meant was that you need to just create lots and lots of pieces…..just don’t stop.  Out of a thousand pieces you might have one great piece…or you might have hundreds.  But you never know.  You just have to make lots…lots of mistakes, lots of baby steps, lots of great strides.  You just can’t beat yourself up over the ones that go south.  So I’m not.  Moving on now.

When setting up my bench again after Christmas, I found a treasure.  I forgot I had them and now I’m all intrigued by what I might do with them.

These are some uber-funky shell beads I found in a bead store.  I immediately fell in love with them and had to have them all.  If they’d had more I would have bought them too.  Between the swirliness and the colours in them, I positively swooned when I saw them.

They’re big too.

That’s a quarter (for my American readers).  They’re smooth and satiny and look almost like gorgeous candy.

So I’m thinking hand-wrought swirly chain….with shell-bead drops….with carnelian and mother of pearl……Oh Momma!  Time to fire up the torch!

3 responses to “Beachy Beads

  1. mine, mine, mine 🙂

  2. LOVE these beads. I can’t wait to see what you do with them. It is fun to hear about the idea before it is something and then see what it turns in to.

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