Baby Steps

Today was my second weigh-in at Weight Watchers.  I really didn’t know what to expect as I had 3 days this week that I had to eat food others had prepared that I had no control over.  I did my best to track what was in everything and stick with it and think I did ok.

We talked a lot about tools tonight.  This WW system gives you tons of them, which I mentioned last week.  Certainly if you’re internet and tech-savvy, they’re easier to use, but I love that I can calculate the points for pretty much everything.  If I want to have a candy bar, I can have one, as long as I track it.

It’s interesting to watch the different attitudes in the group.  There are people there who are more like me, who have a bit of a sense of humour about all this and aren’t really quick to be down on themselves, but there’s also that other mindset, the one I don’t like.  I don’t for even a second want you to think that I’m down on the people who have the mindset; I just resent that the mindset exists at all.  That idea that we’re bad people if we eat a piece of chocolate instead of a salad or don’t lose as much as we think we should that week.  That we’re somehow failures already because we’re fat (there’s that word again) and if we aren’t religiously faithful to the program we’re even bigger failures.  It’s not their fault they feel this way.  We’re taught to feel this way.  And I bloody-well resent it.

So I’m going to fight it.  I’m going to keep being open about this, in day-t0-day life and at the meetings.  I’m going to be willing to say the things that no one else dares to say.  I’m going to drag the myths, the toxic attitudes, the traditional thoughts and biases about being fat out into the sunlight.  I’m hoping they’ll burst into flames… vampires.  Because, after all, the negativity and judgment are like vampires.  They suck away our self-esteem, our ambition, our dreams, our goals.  No more.  Not while I’m around.

Good thing garlic is zero points.

Down 1.2 lbs. this week…..5.4 lbs. total


3 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Congrats on the first step Jan 🙂

  2. Great attitude Jan. Whip those ladies into shape!

  3. Way to go my friend … very proud of you … love your attitude 🙂

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