Where To Go From Here

Throwing all caution and words of advice about keeping things simple to the wind (nothing new there), I just had to go and tackle something not so simple.

Flowers are simple in many ways, but trying to draw them with pastels is dicey, at least for me at this point.  The thing I’m finding is that I don’t have a lot of control where the colour is going to end up.  As I’ve said, the powder gets everywhere and the shape of the pastel sticks themselves doesn’t really lend itself to detail work.  I’m sure there’s ways to control them better, but at this point I’m just happy to be getting colour on the paper.

And what colour!  It’s instant gratification with pastels if you’re looking for big bombs of bold colour.  I’m all over that part of it.  Not so sure I’m liking the expensive paper as much though; it has a grain to it I’m not thrilled with but am willing to work with for now.  The first pastel I did was on cheapo drawing paper I got at Wally World.  While that paper started to rub away a bit as I blended it gave a smoother finish, which I really liked.

So there they are…colour all blocked in.  I didn’t worry a lot about detail as I’ll add that later.  It’s been sprayed with 3 ultra-thin coats of spray-matte sealer.  Just enough that the colour isn’t moving all over the place when I touch it.  This spray quite drastically deepened the colours.  I’m going to look around and try a few other sprays to see if I can find one that doesn’t change the original colours as much.  While I’m ok with the change on this piece and the last one I did, I’m sure there will come a time when I’ll gasp in horror if there’s a major change in colour when I seal the piece.

The next step is to do the details and add something a little different for some interest.  I’ll keep you posted.   Get it?  Posted?          *donkey laugh*

Sorry…losing my mind…..*must*….*have*….*sunshine*………

6 responses to “Where To Go From Here

  1. And I know what the green thingy is!

  2. I don’t like the paper with texture either. I’m all about smooth. I’ll take a look at home at the paper I used for my Fruit series. It was just a sketch book paper and it worked so good. So nice and easy to blend the colors.

    Looking forward to your flowers and seeing them finished. When I first looked, I must be really hungry because I thought they were cupcakes… not because they look like cupcakes, just because I’m starving. I love the interesting composition though and that they aren’t your ordinary predictable flowers.

  3. so what is the green thingy in the picture? hee haw

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