Oboy…New Toys!!

I love new stuff.    I especially love new stuff if it’s pretty.  And if it’s blue….particularly Tiffany Blue.

Ok, so my new toys aren’t exactly Tiffany Blue but they’re in the ballpark.  When I went to my Weight Watcher’s meeting this week I got my tools.  I didn’t get them last week and had to track online, which was fine, but I wanted the STUFF!

I’m blogging about this today because of the overwhelming interest and support I’ve received over the last 24 hours.  You guys rock!!

When you join, you need to be able to track what you’re eating.  At my second meeting I found out that some people don’t track.  I don’t have a clue how they manage to lose anything.  I tracked every single thing I consumed last week.  I became absolutely obsessive about it.  I’m sure once I’ve been on the program a while it will take less time, but for now, I’m ok with the time it’s taking.  I put myself on Project Status.  Yes, it’s slowing down the artistic process but I’m just going to do it anyway.

With my starter pack I got this spiffy, zippered binder to keep all the other goodies in.  LOVE the colour!

And I love all the pouches too.  It’s so organized!  Which is good….I have this “mess” issue, ya know?

So there’s lots of ways to track what you’re eating.  As I didn’t have this stuff last week I tracked online.  When you track online there’s also a function that allows you to calculate the points for the foods not in the guides as well as a recipe function.  You can take any of your favorite recipes and calculate the points for them.  It rocks!  Got a favorite cheesecake recipe?  Just enter the recipe and it will tell you how many points per serving.  Too many points per serving, then adjust either the recipe or the serving size.  The little calculator gives you the ability to calculate food points on foods AS YOU SHOP.  Wow.  I have NEVER had this much information about the food I eat and it’s so exciting.  This program enables you to take the label information and figure out what it MEANS, as opposed to just being befuddled by it all.  I’m all about information being power and this program makes me feel incredibly empowered and in control.  Not that I have control issues….well….much…..er…..nevermind.

When you’re away from the computer there’s these handy-dandy little guides that list the points in foods AND in restaurant menu items.  Want to know how many points a Timbit is? This will tell you!  Yay!!  There is never any reason to wonder again whether you’re sabotaging yourself by eating half a donut.

All of these goodies are going to follow me around in my amazing Doggie Bag that my hubby bought me for Christmas  two years ago.  I used to use it to haul illicit alcohol to parties at my friend’s restaurant, but this is a much better use for it.  It will also hold my blogging camera and whatever else I need for my day.  My crazy, hectic day.  My days are crazy now…just wait until we start going to the pool.  I have to say though, to anyone who’s struggled with losing weight and wants to try again, I have never had the tools supplied by this program.  I know it’s only the first week, but honestly, I don’t see how I can lose.  Or not lose.  You know what I mean……

3 responses to “Oboy…New Toys!!

  1. YOU CAN DO IT 🙂

  2. Honestly Jan, your enthusiam is contagious. For the first time, I find myself sitting here actually wishing I was overweight so that I could join! I love all the stuff but I’d also like to be on this journey with you. There’s nothing better than journeying with someone who is so excited and dedicated. I’m sure we’ll find another venture together but in the mean-time, keep doing what you’re doing! Pure Awesomeness.

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