Leaf & Lotus

In the midst of all the Christmas Chaos, I am trying to finish a few more items for the store.  I showed you the luscious Labradorite I had a while back and am finally getting around to doing something with it.  They’re in the header photo at the top of the page on the left, if you want to have a peek.

Sometimes the simplest shapes are what works best.  I wanted a simple cutout for this smaller pendant and leaves just make me happy.  I have pages and pages of leaf silhouettes that will all eventually end up in designs.  This one is clean and basic.  None of the drama of Ginkgo nor the featherishness of fronds.  Just a little leaf.  The glow of Labradorite behind it is going to bring it alive.

There is something exotic about Lotus.  Even the word itself…..say it out loud with me…..Looootussss.  Sensual.  Mystical.  Transcendent.  There are so many ways to draw Lotus.  Even in its most stylized form, it’s always familiar and identifiable.  It’s a fitting backdrop for that drop-dead Tiger’s Eye with the bands of Hematite running through it.

It just wouldn’t be a Jan Mac week without some swirls.  I’m digging the sort of Art Deco, old-world meets new-world look of these swirly pendants.  This little Labradorite lovely will also be reversible….the other thing I’m digging these days.

The top two just need their bails and the bottom one just needs its stone set.  I’ll post my progress tomorrow.  I’m determined to finish at least ONE of them.  See you tomorrow.


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