I’m Baaaack….

I didn’t mean to take such a long break but hey, it’s December.   Between the Christmas stuff, the work stuff, the exhaustion stuff, I was stuffed by the weekend.

I finally popped for some rechargeable batteries for my camera and was pleasantly surprised to find they’re much more affordable than the last time I bought them.  I’m good to go in the photo department.  It’s the time department I’m having difficulties with.

Saturday night was our concert at the Sasquatch.  It was sooooo much fun but it was much more mentally exhausting than I would have thought.  I went upstairs on Sunday to find some Christmas stuff and got completely overwhelmed by all the STUFF still up there from the shuffle to create the studio I went and had a little cry and a 4 hour nap.  I felt better afterwards.

At least I did.   Then I went to make some yummy twice-baked potatoes on Sunday night.  Turned the oven on, went back to put the potatoes in 5 minutes later and…….bubkis.    No heat.  Grrrr……………

I have called this stove every dirty, rotten name in the book over the last 24 hours.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t own an electric stove again if I could help it.  I LOVE my gas stove.  But could it break in the summertime when I seldom use the oven?  No.  It does it now….when I have a million Christmas cookies to bake.  I suspect we had a visit from the Grinch.  I could swear I heard a strange thump in the middle of the night.

So I called the repair service and they knew immediately what was wrong.  Most excellent.  Just need to order the part.  For that, they only need the model and serial numbers.  They’re on a sticker just inside either the oven door or inside the broiler door on the bottom.  At least they are on every single gas stove but mine.  After a half-hour of more cussing, pulling it out and discovering the total *ick* that lives behind gas stoves, we finally found the sticker.

Who. Knew?

So as of Wednesday, I’ll apparently be back in business.   Now I can go back to finishing the jewelry projects I’ve got on the go.

There’s some really pretty pieces coming.  Check back tomorrow and I’ll share!


2 responses to “I’m Baaaack….

  1. awh man… I was so looking forward to the smell of baking in my kitchen. So sorry to hear you’re getting it fixed.

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