Deader than a Doornail

I hate batteries. I hate the waste, I hate my dependence on them, I hate the total environmental impact they have.  But more than all those things, I hate when I need them and they’re dead.

If you own a digital camera, you know how much juice they draw.  I’ve known for a while now that I needed to switch to rechargeable batteries for mine but I’d heard that they don’t do all that well in cameras and that Lithium batteries were recommended.  Problem is, Lithium batteries are about $15 for a pair, out of which I get maybe 20-25 pictures if I have to use a flash.  All I could find the last time I needed to change my batteries were some cheapie 7-11 AA’s.  Out of those I got 4 pictures.  That’s right.   4.

I actually had something to photograph and talk about for the blog today, but my camera is dead.  I refuse to spend another penny on disposable batteries.  I mean, seriously……4 pictures.  Give me a break.  No more landfill fodder for me.  I’ll be back with pics as soon as I can get my hands on some rechargeables.  Or a better camera.  Or both.

2 responses to “Deader than a Doornail

  1. get a new camera 🙂 thanks a TON for putting my blog link on your side-bar!

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