One Stubborn Bezel

I’m posting this pendant again because it’s making me crazy.  As I wrote before, the bezel for this Rose Quartz is NOT wanting to solder to the sheet backing.

I’m going to take a shot at finishing this and figured if I posted it here I would have a bit more incentive.  As it stands right now I want to throw the whole thing out the window.  The whole point to this blog, however, was really to provide me with motivation when I feel stuck.  And I am.  Stuck deep.

Wish me luck as I attempt to shovel myself out of this snowdrift.


4 responses to “One Stubborn Bezel

  1. Hi there, have you sorted this yet? Sounds like you have a case of the Solder Sprites.
    Clean edges, flush fit and fresh solder usually do the trick. Nice patterns on the backplate!

    • Definitely Spritely around here lately. I’m sure it’s just that I wasn’t paying enough attention. I tend to take things for granted a bit at times and it can bite me in the behind, as it did here 😀 Thanks for visiting!!

  2. Jan, not sure if you have got anywhere on this piece but I can say that your work is stop-dead-in-you-tracks beautiful. Keep going…there is something better than you can imagine in there.

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