A Little History

Something rather exciting came out of the Craft Fair on the weekend that I’d like to share with you all.  The bath products sold really, really well.  In fact, I totally sold out of my favorite soap, the Almond Oatcake.

This didn’t really surprise me and I’m going to make a fresh batch this weekend as well as order at least a quart of this fragrance.  It’s sooooo nummy.

Part of the reason I make soap is I really love the organic feel of the process.  There’s something downright magical about watching a bunch of oil emulsify with the lye solution and swirl itself into soap.  I love that it’s old-fashioned, the way they did things “back in the day”.

The really exciting thing is that I was approached by Tammy, the Manager of the Creston Museum and she asked me if I was interested in putting my soap line and jewelry into the gift shop at the museum.

I have to tell you, saying yes to this great opportunity is a no-brainer for me.  I’m honoured to be asked and, quite frankly, really excited about tailoring part of the soap line to the Museum itself.  I’m thinking antiqued papers, sepia tones, elegant fonts.  Lovely brown bottles.   Apothecary-style.

If you haven’t checked out the Creston Museum yet, you really should.  We often overlook great resources like this when they’re in our back yard.  Pay them a visit and experience a bit of the history of your very own town.  You can visit the website here:  Creston Museum.  Have a look and see what they’re all about!

5 responses to “A Little History

  1. I think I’m as excited about having your line in our gift shop, as you are about putting it there. Thanks for your interest and involvement, and we’ll have to chat soon!

  2. Lovely blog! Couldn’t agree more about the joys of making a mess! A tidy house is a sign of an unlived life, as they say. Your soaps look fantastic. I started making my own for reasons similar to yourself – no truly awesome natural soap available locally (I’m up in Quesnel), and any excuse to make a mess in the kitchen. Interesting to see you are in Creston, I was just down there this summer as I’m taking the Practical Herbalist Course on-line through the college there. I used to live on Kootenay Lake and miss the Kootenays enourmously, but at the same time love it up in the northern forests.

    Love the stylish simplicty of your soap packaging! Will be following your blog with interst.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. We’re pretty much snowed-in here right now so it’s feeling rather northern here 😀 Nothing near the temperatures you get there, but definitely winterish. You’ll have to let me know next time you’re around town. We can go for tea and dish about soap……*soap*…*dish*….get it? (sorry…it’s early for me and I’m more nutty in the morning) *grin*

  3. Good for you. You’re going to sell scads!

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