Guilt Trip

It’s bad enough when we stoop so low as to put a guilt trip on others, and there are few who can honestly claim they haven’t done that, but I think it’s even worse when we drop one of those full-on, “how lazy can you possibly be?”, beat-yourself-up loads of guilt firmly on the top of our own head.  *PLOP*

While many women will claim this is strictly a female phenomenon, I don’t agree with that.  I will agree, however, that women are very, VERY good at this particular brand of self-flagellation.  I know I am.

My guilt comes from the lazy weekend I had.  I made 6, count ’em, 6 plans for Saturday and Sunday and accomplished none of them.  So here I sit, 2 batches of soap, 1 batch of shampoo bars, 1 ring and 1 set of earrings behind schedule.  I know…that only adds up to 5.  I managed to redeem myself somewhat by getting the packaging finished and the jewelry delivered to Cresteramics this afternoon.  (They’re open 9-3 Monday-Friday, on Canyon Street between Mawson’s Sports and Morris Flowers, for those of you who were so patiently waiting.)

I just couldn’t bring myself to get moving.  I realized Saturday that I’d done no blogging on Friday and that just added to my guilt load.  I’m writing about this because I know I’m not alone in falling into these little ruts. These little ruts that can turn into big rut-chasms.  I also know I’m not alone in being quick to beat myself up over this kind of stuff.  So if you’re in a rut, or a chasm, you’re so not alone.  More importantly, it doesn’t mean your a bad person, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re not a CREATIVE person.  I think you ARE a creative person….we all are.  We just get stuck.  The thing is, if you grab the edge of that rut and just lever yourself up a tiny little bit, you can peek over the side and see that if you just do a little bit (like the packaging and delivery today) you really can get back on-track.

Start small.  Pick a little project that’s been bugging you.  Make a plan.  I cannot stress that part enough — MAKE A PLAN!  Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’re likely not in a position to just do everything on a whim.  I know I’m not.  If I don’t plan ahead, nothing happens.  Life intervenes.  It has a way of doing that.  Stuff happens, people need things, we see other stuff that could be done.  We end up being reeled down a path that was NOT the plan, however loosely-written that plan was.

If you’re the kind of person who can’t do anything new, or anything strictly for yourself before you’ve taken care of all the housework and needs of those around you, then make dealing with all that stuff the first part of the plan.  Enlist the help of those around you in getting that stuff done.  I know I’m saying “stuff” a lot right now, but it really just is STUFF.  We need to categorize it accordingly and put it in its place.  All that STUFF.  Besides, it’s good to get those around you to help because, chances are, a lot of that “stuff” is really THEIR stuff that we take responsibility for, even though we don’t need to.

The next part of the plan is to gather everything you’ll need for the project.  Running out to get something you can’t find or forgot to buy mid-project is another roadblock you don’t need.  Success really is the best motivator, so having everything ready helps you succeed which will help motivate you to do more.  See the pattern here?  It’s all about forward momentum.  It’s all about setting yourself up to succeed.

The last part of the plan is this:  do it.  Just do it….have fun, play, kick that guilt over doing something creative for yourself to the curb, and DO IT.  Go ahead …. I’m going to….first thing tomorrow.  I’m gonna leave this latest rut in my dust and Just Make A Mess.

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