The Sum of Its Parts…

There are many creative processes that result in a finished product that is much more than merely the sum of its parts.  With painting, while there is unlimited potential in each blank canvas, layers of gesso, paints, texture medium, varnish, bits of paper, sparkly sequins, twisty bits of thread, chunks of cut-up eraser…anything really… can result in full-blown masterpieces.  How someone can envision so much in paper sample-books and bits of text is a mystery best unraveled by those with more skill than me.  As with anything else I advocate, painting is another area where I encourage you to Just Make a Mess.  You simply cannot paint your opus with the paint in its tubes, your brushes still pristine, and that canvas sitting there blankly withholding all of its potential.

The same can be said of cooking, which some consider a chore but I consider an intricately creative process.  When asparagus in the grocery store starts whispering “Pssst….Hollandaise” as you walk past it, you know you need fresh eggs, that the butter you usually deny your husband (I know, I’m a meanie) is going to end up in the cart after all, and that you can already smell the zing of those luscious lemons. I just dare you to have a spotless kitchen after making Hollandaise.

Jewelry design and manufacture is certainly all about taking quality raw materials and fiddling about with them until you have all of the little bits that will end up being something (we hope) extraordinary.  Something that, even if it’s not to everyone’s taste, at least makes the majority of those who see it go “Wow”.  You have all so kindly followed along as I plodded through the creation of this large Jasper necklace.  To be frank, it was one of those projects that sort of morphed and changed in a very organic way throughout the process.  I like how it turned out.  The photos don’t show the detail of the cut-out side, but I’ll get on making that light-box this week to improve the shot and will re-post then.  I just can’t wait for that….I’m too happy it’s done.   What do you think?  Is it a “Wow”?


2 responses to “The Sum of Its Parts…

  1. Absolutely stunning Jan!

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