And the winner is….

If you read the “We be Jammin'” post of October 1, you would know that I held a little contest.  The task was to guess what I was making based on the ingredients I listed.  I’m happy to report that someone guessed correctly….Antipasto!!  The prize for being right is one jar each of antipasto, plum jam, apple butter, and pear butter.  Yum.  And the lucky (and smart) winner is……


Brandy Dyer!!!


Brandy is my amazingly supportive friend who is a successful artist, great mom,  innovative business-owner, and fledgling musician.  She writes the blog “Brandy Ink”, which can be found at; definitely check it out.  Her blog was the inspiration for mine and I love that she won my contest.  I would also like to thank her for wearing a shirt that blends so nicely with the colour-scheme of my blog, even though she didn’t know I was going to show up armed with a camera.

And now for something completely different…here’s an update on the Jasper necklace.  I want the piece to be stunning from the back as well as the front.  I love things that are reversible…it’s like you get 2 for the price of 1 and gives you 2 totally different looks to choose from.  Large designer pieces can be a bit spendy so any time I can get, or give, more bang for a buck, I try to do so.

I’ve filed the edges round the bezel setting and now want to cut a design into the backing plate to create some visual interest.  The easiest way to transfer a design for cutting is to draw it out on paper (I just used a post-it note) and then glue it in place with a glue stick.  The glue-stick glue allows you to reposition the paper for a while then dries quite hard.  I’m going to drill a pilot-hole into the black area and use a jeweler’s saw to cut out the design.

Once the design is cut out, a soak in the ultra-sound will remove the paper and I will use jeweler’s files to smooth any rough edges of the cut-out.  Then it’s into the tumbler for a couple hours to polish and it’s on to building the bail.  See you tomorrow, same time, same place.


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