Jasper and Agate and Bloodstone, Oh My!

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more likely to spur me into building jewelry than a bunch of new cabochon stones.  Don’t get me wrong…I like a nice faceted stone as much as the next girl….sparkly is always good.  But cabochons, with their smooth tops and curvy edges, are so touchable, so silky-smooth, so….so….buttery. They are just pure inspiration.

I actually hadn’t planned on buying these.  I had gone into Beadazzled to check and see if my new polishing machine was in.  It wasn’t, but these were.  We’re so lucky to have a store like this in such a small town.  I think specialty stores, especially artsy specialty stores, keep communities healthy.  They provide places where you can go for inspiration, maybe take a class (as you can at Beadazzled), and ask the questions that have always sat unanswered.  They’re places you can go and get what you need when you need it so you aren’t stymied in your artistic endeavors by the lack of a critical tool or supply.

So these amazing stones will be what occupy my free time for the next little bit.  I’m liking big and chunky right now…bold stones in striking settings.  Pieces that make you sit up and take notice…that make you go “What is that??”

Won’t you look smart when you say “Oh, it’s Snowflake Obsidian. Isn’t it just 7 kinds of WOW?”

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