I hab a code.  Sure enough, just as things were rolling along nicely, I was infected.  Happens every year once school starts, but it’s earlier this year than normal.  I lived in denial as long as I could, chanting the anti-cold mantra “it’s just allergies” to myself,  but the cockroach-like tickle in the back of my throat was a sure-fire indicator that the virus-incubating warehouses we call public schools had added me to their quota.

I’m not going down without a fight though.  I am fully loaded with Cold FX, ibuprofen, and some generic decongestant I found lurking in the back of the medicine cabinet.  Of course there were no dosage instructions and lord only knows how long it’s been there, but I took one for the team and risked it.

Wow….lookit the pretty colours……*+**zzzzzzZZZZzz++*+*+*……I’m awake…I’m awake…..and if I ramble a little I’m blaming the little red pills….whatever they were.

So, in spite of being awake until 5 a.m. because I was unable to breathe through sinuses that felt as if someone had dumped an entire swimming pool into them, I’m actually feeling inspired.  I had lots of time to think about the projects I want to do, after all.

When we set up our house to facilitate more art-time, we decided to put my jeweler’s bench in the living-room.  Yes…the living-room.  There were a number of reasons for this.  The best reason was that it’s the only piece of custom-built furniture I own and it is gorgeous.  My friend, Mike Ford, is a professional cabinet-maker and he built the bench to my specifications.  I knew when he took on the project  that my bench would function well for me, but I quite frankly had no idea that it would be so beautiful.

The second reason we decided to put it in the living-room was that I couldn’t escape it there.  I was always looking at it.  I figured it would begin to talk to me after a while, and it did.  It whispered “come play…you know you wanna”.  It was right.  I wanted to play.

I had set my latest jewelry project to soak before I went to bed last night and only had to do a final polish on it when I got up this morning.  Yes, it was morning….barely.  I bought a bunch of unusual stones several years back from a really nice guy who had a little rock-shop in Coeur d’Alene.  I went back a couple of months later to get more, and the store had closed permanently.  It was such a disappointment…he had told us it might happen as the new owner of the plaza was planning on raising the rent 300%.  He had malachite marbles, Idaho opals, beautiful agate cabochons, and this lovely rhodochrosite with lime-green banding in it.  I couldn’t  just set this stone in a plain setting; it had to be pretty. I think it looks happy there.

Available for sale Oct. 6 at the Cresteramics Storefront, 1022 Canyon St.

So you see, if you put your project somewhere you can’t escape it, it might talk to you.  Give you a little nudge.  Whisper in your ear “Come play”.  Give it a try.  You know you wanna.


6 responses to “Achoo!!

  1. love it … your a very good writer … enjoyed the read and the info … AHCOOOOO !!! The pendant is beautiful 🙂

  2. Mine it’s mine…I want it to be Mine, mine, mine wahahahahahahah!!!
    Did you know that at the end of your rambling there is head cold ad from Tylenol….lmao!!!! They don’t want you taking outdated suspect little red pills girlfriend!!

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