Mess Up Your Space

For years I lived in envy of people who had studios.  Dedicated spaces where they could make a mess creating whatever they were good at or interested in.  All their tools in one place…all their supplies at their fingertips.  No more dragging out boxes of stuff and digging through them, always keeping an eye out for sneaky spiders,  searching for that one last thing they needed for a project.  No longer being  forced to put everything away half-way through a project because dinner needed to be served on the table.

Don’t get me wrong.  Dedicated space is not necessary to the process of creation.  For years I built and painted and sewed and melted stuff wherever I could: in my parent’s basement, in my bedroom, in the garage, on every table available in the dining room of the care facility where I worked graveyards for years.   It was possible, but often the thought of setting-up and then cleaning-up was enough to stop me dead in my tracks.  After all, I wanted to create…not mess around with the mechanics not related directly to  +*+**+CREATION+*+*+***  (ta-da!!!) Okay…so I’m a princess.  Sue me.

You’d think with a 1400 sq. foot house, dedicated space wouldn’t be a problem.  Wrongo.  See previous post re: messes.  Amazingly, once we had divested ourselves of the junk, we had space….glorious space.  I had a studio…in the house…with heat…and light…and shelving…with my supplies ready and waiting…***SWOON***.   And I never. created. anything. in. there.

I’d walk past it and admire it.  I’d show & tell my artsy friends about it.    I’d tidy and organize my supplies.  I’d buy new supplies.  I painted a cool picture of a tree…at my MUSIC studio.  I gradually came to realize that this was because I didn’t want to mess up my nifty art studio.  More than that, truth be told, I didn’t want to create something that wasn’t great.  Something that was poorly executed…that was….*gasp*…UGLY.  I didn’t want to, in short, mess up.


People who know me might say I have a few minor control issues.  If you put your ear up to your monitor right now you’ll hear them laughing maniacally and you will practically see the eye-rolling that’s now going on at the reading of the previous sentence.  I know and accept this about myself.  I’m also working really hard to get past it.  It’s time.  It’s holding me back.

So along with committing to this blog, I have also committed to finding a way to do something creative every day.  Being self-employed and working evenings means I have my days free until 3.  It’s too easy to get into a rut of  “this is my time off” and not accomplish anything.  So, every day, something creative is going to happen.  It may be several things, it may just be one cool project, it might have to be a 15-minute quickie. (Not that kind of quickie…quit snickering.)  Whatever it is, I’m going to share,  ugly or not, in the hopes that it will inspire you to go ahead…whether in a dedicated space or in the middle of your living-room floor.  Whatever it takes or wherever it can happen, do something creative…mess up your space.

Coming soon....

4 responses to “Mess Up Your Space

  1. Yay! I’m so excited for you! This is great news. I can hardly wait to follow along in your journey. Monday to Friday hey? Wowzers. When you commit, you commit! Good for you Jan. I’m really happy for you. And I can hardly wait to see your creations. This will turn out better than you imagined.

  2. Well my favorite control freak….you have truly inspired me….time to quit using my “space’ for storing a life that no longer exists and just get DIRTY!!! Love you…I am having a hard time not laughing!!!!!!!!

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